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Offsite Dance Project
NPO based in Yokohama, Japan
Innovative products always come from goffsite.h
Offsite Dance Project brings experimental productions to unusual sites and explores new relationships between dance and community.
Discovery of space: Artists discover their own performance spaces around the city. Their performances turn ordinary streetscape into a theater of creative time and space. Offsite Dance Project draws out the hidden possibilities of the concept eCityf.

Discovery of body: A dance performance taking place in non-theater venues with no fixed seating for the audience demands a special energy from its performers. It also requires their ability to sense and respond to these unusual environments. Offsite Dance Project trains its performers through environment, using elements of city life such as urban noise and natural light to create a new and intensified form of dance.

Discovery of dance: The experience of the project will be etched in the minds of the audience through the bodies of the dancers. Offsite Dance Project gives people who would otherwise not go to a theater a chance to see dance. Our mission is to actively cultivate a new audience with a fresh eye for discovering the art of dance.

We believe that by working with the integration of these three elements, Offsite Dance Project creates a highly unusual and exciting alternative art/dance expression which is vastly different from in-theater projects. For this reason, we began producing dance projects exclusively for offsite locations. Offsite Dance Project produces works in an exciting and innovative medium with the power to connect dance and people in a new way.

Offsite Dance Project Previous productions (Highlights):

Jan-Feb 2010 Japan's Dance Community Forum gWe Dance 2010h
Venue: Steep Slope Studio and Yokohama Port Opening Hall, Yokohama
Artists (selected): Toshiki Okada, Tsuyoshi Shirai, Mikuni Yanaihara, Mika Kurosawa, Natsuko Tezuka, Chie Ito, Yukio Suzuki, Un Yamada, Setsuko Yamada, Mika Arashiki, Takao Kawaguchi, Kitamari, KENTARO!!, Taku Unami, Shinichi Takashima
Producer: Matsue Okazaki
Organizer: Offsite Dance Project
Sponsored by Arts Commission Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
*Produced the 2nd dance forum to stimulate Japan's contemporary dance scene. It took over pre-workshop for a month and two days forum by around 100 artists.

Venue: Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo
Artists: Yukio Suzuki+Kazahisa Uchihashi+Takayuki Fujimoto, Mika Arashiki, and Yukari Kakiuchi
Curator: Matsue Okazaki
Organizer: Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo
*Curate site-specific performances at the Uchii Shozo Exhibition, the architect of the Museum.

Jan-Feb 2009 Japan's Dance Community Forum gWe Dance 2009h
Venue: Yokohama Port Opening Hall, Yokohama
Artists (selected): Kota Yamazaki, Mika Kurosawa, Megumi Nakamura, SKANK,
Ikuyo Kuroda, Shiratama Hitsujiya, Zan Yamashita, Natsuko Tezuka, Mari Fukudome
Producer: Matsue Okazaki
Organizer: Offsite Dance Project
Sponsored by Arts Commission Yokohama
*Produced an annual dance forum to stimulate Japan's contemporary dance scen. It took over 20 programs by around 100 artists at an entire historical building.

Nov 2008 Tamagawa Art-Line Project 2008
Venue: Denenchofu Seseragi Park and Tokyu Tamagawa Line, Tokyo
Artists: Strange Kinoko Dance Company, Shigeki Nakano, Zan Yamashita, and Yukio Shiba
Performance Director: Matsue Okazaki
Organizers: Tamagawa Art-Line Project
*Presented an opening performance and the Tamagawa Theater, three cutting-edge artists performed on the Tokyu Tamagawa Railroad Line.

Sep-Nov 2008 Yokohama Triennial 2008, Performance Program gidance 80fsh
Venue: Ring Dome in Canal Park, Yokohama
Artists: Kitamari, Yoko Honaga, PINK, Yukina Sakai, faifai, and Momonga Complex
Coordinator: Matsue Okazaki
Organizers: Japan Foundation, City of Yokohama, NHK, Asahi Shimbun, The Organizing Committee for the Yokohama Triennial
*Presented a dance series to explore the works of young artists born in the 1980s.

Mar 2008 Offsite Dance Project (Founded)

Offsite Dance Project

officeF10-1-202 Ikebukuro, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Japan 231-0834
TEL & FAX: +81-45-228-9270@E-mail:infooffsite-dance.jp